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Church Online Sermons

This site gives you information about great online preachers. It tells you where to get their sermons (in various formats). It records their life stories (giving glory to Jesus) and it gives info on where you can contact their ministry. If you wondered who people like Paul Washer, Keith Daniel, Otto Koning, Peter Masters, Leonard Ravenhill, A W Tozer and W. Vernon Higham are - this is the place to be ! We call this site Church Sermons .net because we want to create a safe home for Christians to find Bible based media that edifies the church. We work closely with our Christ centred sister site Prayer Club .net which is part of the trusted prayer club group of sites i.e. the PCGOS. This is an online referance site for churches and christians.

How to use this site

To use this site simply click on a preacher's name to your right and it will open on a page with 3 icons above an article. The icons can be clicked on to access excellent audio, video and text sermons of the speakers. There might be more than 3 icons depending on whether the speaker has also written poems, hymns, books etc. The article below the icons is about the speakers life and testimony of knowing Jesus Christ. It also gives some info on their ministry. These are by no means exhaustive documents. Below the article is a facebook comment option. Feel free to give glory to God (and not the man) by placing a facebook comment below these articles. A visitor once listened to someone at a morning service in London and said “what a great orator” That evening he listened to Charles Spurgeon and said “What a great Christ”. We are to proclaim not me me me, but “behold the lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world”. We try not to choose preachers just because they can keep a crowd spell bound, but because they have become less and Christ more. These preachers are not great because they eat too much food, but because they humbly sit at the feat of Jesus to eat spiritual food. May God bless you through this site.

The Prayer Club Group of Sites

The prayer club group of sites includes two media sites in English and Afrikaans, one soul winning witness site, one radio media site which supplies Christian Media to radio stations and this site. That makes a happy family of 5 and counting. We would like to encourage you to be open to God's working in your life concerning this site. Open your heart to the Bible truths that many of these speakers proclaim in power and simplicity. Pray for these speakers. Download a prayercard.

What is a church ?

A church is not just a building although for practical reasons buildings have been used as places where part of the church or a local church gathers. The church is those people who know Christ. Collectively they are known as the church. In individual towns they are known as the local church. Although there are cults etc which should be avoided there are also doctrinal differences between true Christians and thus many denominations have sprung up around certain truths and perceoved truths. Every true Christian however knows that although there may be minor and major doctrinal differences , their church denomination is not the only way to Heaven – Jesus Christ is.

What is a sermon ?

A sermon is the expounding of the word of God so that people can know what God says and understand it more. It is not the twisting of God's word to suit our sin or the adding, removing or changing of God's word to suite our own personal revelation. The word of God is the foundation, walls and roof of a sermon. I might add the word of God in context is important. Out of context scripture in a sermon becomes a pretext.

There are different types of sermons

Exegetical Church Sermons

Exegetical sermons are basically taking a portoin of scripture and breaking it up verse by verse to explain the context and content. This is a highly effective way to preach and can be done one verse at a time, a chapter at a time or a portion of verses at a time .

Character Study Church Sermons

This is a wonderful type of preaching. It involved when a preacher takes a person in the Bible such as David or Moses and tells a Biblical life story expounding how we can learn from the mistakes, victories and words of the character. We also learn from how God dealt with the Character and from the Character's interaction with people.

Topical church Sermons

In every age there are specific problems in a church. The answers are found in scripture. Due to each church and age being different there is a need for topical sermons. It is important to not full a topical sermon with doctrines based on experience that are found in scripture. Also it is fine to use old Testament stories to illustrate clear New Testament doctrine, but to find new doctrine in Bible stories that are not found elsewhere is very dangerous. Illustrations are fine to be windows to the light, but windows cannot build the whole house.

Book Summaries

Some people take a book of a Bible one at a time and give an overview in the form of a sermon. This can help people in the pews better understand the Bible during their personal quiet time and their attempts to apply Bible truths in everyday life.

Evangelical church Sermons

This type of sermon should fall under topical sermons but is so large it receives its own section. It is a fact that the heartbeat of church foundational teaching is sermons such as the shocking youth message by Paul Washer, Salvation Crystal Clear by Jerry Mahorr, All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon, The way to God by D L Moody. We are not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God unto Salvation to all those who believe in Jesus Christ. ( i.e. saving faith, not intellectuall faith)

What are church sermons ?

These are presentations from men of God who have become less so that Jesus Christ might become more. They are those who preach Christ and Him crucified to the body of Christ in many denominations across the world. Church sermons are not preached to a building but to a body whose head is Christ.

Please pray for this online site

We would ask people of all ages, languages, nationalities, races as well as families, Bible study groups, prayer groups and Bible Colleges to kindly pray for us. Pray for the PCGOS as it chooses media to load , pray that God will spread the messages far and wide, pray for our witness material that God will provide for it (and use it). Pray that Christ alone will be glorified in and through these sites.

Last words

Life is too short to stuff a mushroom so take your time and use it for things that last. These are things such as quality family time, time in prayer and God's word, witnessing, listening to good sermons, attending a good local fellowship etc. May God bless you and keep you and use you. If you don't know God may He save you. May you become less and God more through Jesus Christ and unto Jesus Christ alone. Jesus is the great I am. When I can't, remember Jesus can. Crucified upon a tree. He gave His life blood, twas for me. I love Him, follow and adore Him. He wants to be all to me. I must give all to Him. It is only the empty that can be filled. It is only the lowly that keep His will. It is the Father who gave His Son to die on Calvary for everyone.