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This is the life story of Dr Francois Carr of Heart Cry South Africa

The well-known preacher Dr Francois Carr of South Africa was born in Carnarvon, Klein Karoo in 1966.

He went to school for a few years in Carnarvon (Grade 1-2 and part of Grade 3), Primary School in Beaufort West (Grade 3 through part of Grade 7), Primary School Lochnerhof in Strand for remainder of Grade 7 before his High School education in High School Strand (Grades 8-12). Following that he studied a National Diploma in Personnel Management at Cape Technikon from 1985-1987. He studied for another 11 years part time doing his Bachelor in Ministry, Masters Degree and Doctorate studies at Santa Rosa California.

How it came about that He was gloriously saved by Jesus Christ

He grew up in a home that was a traditional Christian home but not knowing Jesus as his Savior. His father and mother made sure that they attended Sunday school on Sundays and went to church. As he grew up he started to teach Sunday School-classes for the smaller groups, without knowing Jesus himself. He thought that I was a good person. He was in several vehicle accidents and realized that God is speaking to him. He read a small booklet about Jesus and the Armed forces, as he was about to enlist doing his compulsory National Defense Force service and realized that he needed God to help him and God spoke to his heart through that.

The moment of salvation

When he became an Officer he decided to make a career out of the National Defense Force and they transferred him to Pretoria. He met a young lady from his High School in Strand that invited him to a Youth Group that met on Friday evenings. It was during one of the Youth Camps that God spoke to him and he accepted Jesus as his Savior realizing that he was not saved, and that he knew about Jesus but did not know Him as his personal Savior.

How God started working in his heart concerning ministry?

It was during one of these Youth Conferences that God spoke to his heart. One of the speakers preached about Revival and since that time he had a longing to see and be part of a God sent Revival. Reading stories of Revival stirred his heart, and one morning in his devotions the Lord called him into full time ministry. However, he realized that he needed some Christian training and started his studies in becoming a Pastor. In June 1999 God called him, to resign from his position and step out by faith and work for Him. At that time he was in the final months of completing my Doctorate studies (after 10 years part time studies) and resigned as a Lt Colonel in the South African National Defense Force.

Details of his ministry

What he is doing now in ministry and life?

He has the privilege to be part of Heart Cry SA and serves as the Director, which allows him to travel in South Africa and abroad to speak about Prayer/Holiness and Revival. Currently, he is busy with extensive writing projects, coaching of Spiritual Leaders about Connecting with God and Encountering Him.

Concerning his family

He is married to Dorothea, and has one daughter Leone engaged to Werner Mostert, and he resides in Pretoria. Dorothea is an entrepreneur and Leone is a full-time student at University of Pretoria.

Contact Details and Websites
People can contact him through the ministry of Heart Cry, which is currently based in Pretoria, South Africa. They have two websites; and

Related Ministries

The Lord has led him to start Te Deum, which is a tentmaker ministry that plans tours to Biblical lands and Europe and mission trips into South Africa or Europe. They help Pastors and Churches to lead groups, and connect with communities for mission trips. Individuals and Churches can reach this initiative via their websites and they will gladly help them. They have a program called Heart Cry, which is broadcasted every Sunday night via Kruiskyk TV of via the Kruiskyk TV website. We speak about Prayer, Holiness and Revival and people can tune in and watch.

What books and people influenced his life and why?

• God used the reading and writings of Christian Biographies, literature and Revivals to stir his heart. It created within him a deep longing to really ‘know’ Him, grow closer to Him and seeing Him work in revival.
• His life was deeply impacted by the friendship and mentoring of Christian leaders who became a companion on my journey. Some of them are still alive and others had gone to be with the Lord.
• His life has also been shaped through some touches of revival in my ministry, and seeing God working in the lives of His people.
• He is deeply indebted to all those (books, people, messages, conversations and encounters) who have been used (without even knowing it) to touch and shape his life.
What is his greatest fears and greatest hopes concerning Christianity?
He can only say, at this current moment the fact that many Christian people have exchanged Intimacy with God with religious activities, such as Bible Reading and going to Church without really connecting with God and are missing out. There is no limit to what God can do in and through us, if we become a catalyst for Him.

Church Online sermons recommends Dr Franscois Carr in ministry due to the life he lives and message that has proven through a long a fruitful ministry to be both Biblical and Christ centered. He also has been helpful in advising and supporting our sister website and

He has also shown himself to have a lot of time (that he somehow finds in a busy schedule) to encourage and direct younger Christians in their projects and ministries as well as a Christ centered Christian experience of God.

He spends much time studying God’s word, but is at the same time wary of any religious practice becoming a law instead of experiencing the power of God to be dead to the world through Jesus Christ. He is good friends with people such as Henry Blackaby and Johan Botha of the United States and South Africa respectively.

His world wide ministry

It might be good to mention that he has travelled to several countries preaching including the United States of America, England, Netherlands, Poland, various African countries, and Australasia. He has written several books of which his books on revival, the quiet time, the family alter and encountering God have been known to be a great blessing. He also preaches in more than one language as he is relatively fluent in Afrikaans which is a kind of Dutch. His sermons are available on the internet and he organizes and presents sessions to hundreds of ministers at a time his timely teachings on encountering God.

In South Africa Heart Cry holds outreaches at several churches at a time across the country bringing in many respected preachers to speak. They also spread books, work among the youth and occasionally hold family camps hiring camp grounds and bringing in speakers centered on a specific theme. They are involved in many other important projects and many people and organizations rely on them for support and guidance in their spiritual endeavors. His daughter is an excellent spiritual worker among youth and children.

They live a sacrificial lifestyle in many ways and trust God for their immediate , monthly and incidental needs. They long for people to pray for them earnestly lifting up Holy hands without wrath and doubting. The effectual fervent prayers of righteous men avail much. We march forward on our knees and our sword is the word of God preached sincerely without adulteration and mixing with errors. The word of God in context has many small keys powerfully unlocking huge chains that keep us either from God or the fullness of the Father in Christ the Son.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Uncle Franscois is His love for coffee. If you ever meet him be sure to take the time to offer him some good old fashioned Macho Java or Café Late. Be sure to spend time if he has some to share with a man who by God’s grace has been through some of life’s fires , but more importantly has experienced God’s fire burning the dross to reveal Christ within our hope of glory. Amen

There are several things that stand out from his ministry, but most important would simply be his love for truly knowing the God of the Bible experimentally and daily i.e. not just in our heads.

Some people think Uncle François works to hard and preaches too much. However a candle burning on both sides is simply twice as bright. However without Jesus there would be no message, no light, no transformed life according to truth within and the power of Godliness. May God truly keep this man humble , but fruitful and powerful and open many doors for him.

He has but one life to live. Oh that he might life it for Jesus