Preacher Johan Botha


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Ds Johan Botha was born on a beautiful morning in Beaufort West in the Klein Karoo October 1956. It was probably in a Hospital. He went to school lower grade in Rietfontein Noord primary and secondary in S.P C.RSwart in Pretoria. He Matriculated in 1974, and army in Walvis Bay 1975,76. Even after marriage he lived the life of drinking and fishing. His wife gave him a choice “ me or your fishing” and he answered “ I will miss you.”

Somebody told his wife about a Ds Olwage preaching on the second coming of the Lord. So we attend the meetings and God started to work in his life through the word of God and conviction of the Holy Spirit.
How he was saved!
The first night that he attend the meetings with his wife, he was convict of his life that is full of sin, and that he was going to Hell if he died. That night he went home, knelt at his bed and accepted Jesus to be his Lord and saviour till the end of his life. The next day was the beginning of my new life in Christ, never to be the same by the Grace and Mercy of God in Jesus Christ.
How God start working in his heart concerning ministry?
After his conversion, all that matters for him, was to be busy with God’s people in God’s house of prayer. They attended all the meetings at church. All the prayer meetings, evangelisation, Sunday sermons, youth meetings etc but all this in and of itself did not fulfil his passion to work for the Lord. He wanted to do more for the one who had saved a wretched man like himself. So then the Lord called him as the least of all his servants.

What is he doing now in his ministry and life?

He is the pastor of an Afrikaans church with over 200 members in Pretoria East in South Africa. He Longs for revival. He also is on the board of Heart cry for S.A, the Faculty of the Seminary of the Evangelies Gereformeerde Kerk and a few other commissions of the Church. He is involved in the T.V programs on Kruiskyk, namely Heartcry, Brood uit die Bybel and Na waters waar rus is.

Concerning his family

His dear wife is his best friend, working with him in the Ministry and also working 3 days a week as assistant for a ophthalmolog. His son Brink just finished school, and they are praying for his future.
How can people contact him and where is his websites

His cellphone is 0828975955. His house phone is (012) 999 3010. His church is E.G.Kerk Pretoria-Oos.
His websites are and and he is involved in and He is also involved in the ministry of Kruiskyk

What books and people influenced his life and why?

In his Bible school days he was greatly influenced by Explore the Book of J.Sydlow Baxter, and the Bible Commentary of Warren Wiersbe. The last couple of years books on revival and prayer touched his heart such as books by E.M Bounds, John Wesley L. Duewel, Elmer L. Towns on fasting and praying as well as the Power of praying boldly of Will Davis jr.
His greatest fears and greatest hopes concerning Christianity?
His greatest fear is the influence of the Post Modern and Word of Faith movement in the Church. His greatest hope for the Church is a God sent revival before the second coming of the Lord.

Why we appreciate his ministry

One of the things that stands out in the life and ministry of Ds Johan Botha is a willingness to be involved in projects and a faith that tries even when there seems to be no way. He is practical but also mindful of the great truth that when there was no way through the red sea God made a way because for God nothing shall be impossible. He loves God and loves people. He is not a people pleaser and therefore willing to tread on toes if it helps people out of the way of sin and into the way of righteousness through Jesus Christ.

From the start his ministry was a testimony to God’s mercy and power. He was radically set free from alcohol, his marriage was healed and later after a few ministers fasted he was miraculously healed of a deadly and incurable disease. In all this he knew that God was merciful and the grace that brought salvation down to man was great. He knew this because sin had made a great gulf spiritually between man and God. This gulf was only bridgeable through a man called Jesus dying on a Hill called Calvary. Often you can see the eco of God’s love in the broken hearted yet loving and hopeful messages that come from the pulpit he humbly preaches from. Many people have been set free from sins, a life of sin and broken marriage through God in mercy working through his messages.

Books by Johan Botha

Ds Johan is in the process of writing several books. One of them is called “Heaven in your home” which is based on a sermon series he has preached on the same topic. By God’s grace many a marriage has been saved through this simple yet profound and biblical series on marriage. Although he is Afrikaans he has preached in English in Poland and is loved in Canada, Netherlands and South Africa for his life changing messages.

There are many people who consider Ds Botha to be a role model although he is always careful to point people away from himself unto Christ the king of kings and Lord of Lords. Glory Hallelujah.

In Netherlands he preaches slowly in Afrikaans instead of fast in Dutch. This is because he does not know Dutch but rather Afrikaans which came from a split from Dutch in South Africa a few hundred years back.

He is known for his kindness and like Dr Francois Carr who is a dear friend of his he loves good old fashioned coffee. He still fishes and reads books. His wife loves him to bits and pieces and he even knows how to hit a golf ball occasionally. He lives near to a theological college and has lectured and preached there at times.

He is not the world’s best singer and has not made any records of hymns although he does enjoy listening to others sing and appreciates good music.

He travels allot with Francois Carr of Heart Cry SA and preaches together with him. He appreciates people such as Keith Daniel and Andre Bester of South Africa. He now has a young man called Werner Mostert who works with young people at his church and they share a common heart’s desire to experience God in their church. He is wary of false conversions and demonic experiences in the name of God, but still false and often dangerous. He loves the old Bible, the precious old Bible the light on his pathway to shine. You can find his sermons online on various websites some of which are listed above and in this narrative.

He knows a bit about cricket and rugby and enjoys time with his family in the Eastern Cape South Africa. He is a very effective communicator and has the ability to arrange functions and events although he has the habit of delegating others. He is not much into poetry, but his wife is very good at art and has drawn and painted some stunning pictures you can see in his house. He is available to preach in both Afrikaans and English and you are welcome to contact him in this regard.

He is also involved in radio ministry and has an archive through prayer club of short messages and testimonies specially recorded at high quality for radio which can be made available to your radio station if you contact him or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details. These messages are excellent and have much prayer behind them.

One last thing to keep in mind when praying for this man is that he sometimes wears a beard and so you might not always recognise him when you watch some of his sermons as they are different to his normal look when shaved. This is a minor concern but worth noting in case some poor soul is slightly confused by this. His general appearance however is almost always neat. If you would like him to pray for you please take the time to contact him concerning this.

He has several young people he influences greatly and he endeavours at times to reach out to poor people with the gospel through his church. He plans to enlarge his church building one day when the funds are available and his church is by God’s grace regularly full. However he knows more than most that a growing church is nothing numerically if there is not spiritual growth unto the glory of God in the hearts of the members. He longs for people to be saved and longs for Christians to love God with all their heart and soul and mind within the bounds of His precious word.