Preacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones



What he did before he preached

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He was born in Cardiff Wales and grew up in Llangeitho, Ceredigon. He had humble parents as his father was a grocer. He had a couple of brothers but one died in the great 1918 flew endemic. Daniel Rowland the Methodist revivalist ministered in Llangeitho. He attended Grammar school between 1914 and 1917. He was a medical student at the acclaimed Bartholomew's Hospital. He obtained an MD from London University and was a member of the Royal College of Physicians. He started work as assistant to the Royal Physician. He really thought he should preach and struggled with this calling for two years. In 1927 Lloyd-Jones returned to Wales. He had married Bethan Phillips. He had two children Elizabeth and Ann. He started to minister at a church in Aberavon. Many people have written on his life but the most popular volume was by Iain Murray.

Westminster Chapel

After ten years preaching in Aberavon he went back to London in 1939. He became associate pastor of Westminster Chapel alongside G. Campbell Morgan. The day before he was World War II erupted. He was the president of Inter-Varsity Fellowship of Students. In the war years his family moved to Haslemere, Surrey. In 1943 Morgan retired, leaving Lloyd-Jones as the only Pastor of Westminster Chapel. Morgan was an amazing man, loved for his great preaching of Christ and His word in, simplicity and power.

Crisis in later life

In 1968 after a major operation Martyn Loyd-Jones retired from ministry in Westminster Chapel. He started to concentrate on editing his sermons for publication and he counselled ministers. He attended many conferences. He was well known for his 14 volume series of commentaries on the book of Romans in the Bible, published in 1970.

Welsh Roots

Lloyd-Jones was proud of his Welsh Heritage. He supported the Evangelical Movement of Wales. He was a speaker at Welsh conferences, preaching in English and Welsh. Welsh organisations have printed various books based on his sermons.Lloyd-Jones preached his last sermon on 8 June 1980 at Barcombe Baptist Chapel. He died in his sleep at Ealing on 1 March 1981. He was buried at Newcastle Emlyn, Wales. Many people came to the service to thank God for Christ through his life.

Why we appreciate Martyn Lloyd Jones.

Martyn Lloyd Jones was amazing in that he sacrificed a large income in hard times as well as prominence from a young age to be the queen’s second physician. He did this to become a humble preacher. God honoured his sacrifice with many attendees to listen to his sermons. In fact there were thousands. The amazing thing was nt the amount of persons who listened to him but the effect of simple biblical sermons. He was not a showman trying to impress, but a painter attempting by God’s grace to give people a clear view of Jesus Christ and His will and means for man’s life. Many where saved through his powerful ministry and others had their life radically changed. It was not Him but God through him. Often a sermon might sound boring but then through a simple Biblical truth the sword of God would cut between soul and spirit and show a man or men or woman or women. Martyn had friends in many countries and many respected him. Many preachers used quotes from his sermons in their sermons and consider him as the greatest preacher in the last 100 years in Britain alongside people such as Campbell Morgan , Peter Masters, W Vernon Higham and John Blanchard, Stephen F Olford and Colin Peckham. Morgan was a great preacher but extremely humble. He was surprised that people could be saved through his messages as he did not look upon himself as great, but on God as great through Him. He had a phenomenal mind that could remember, reason and convince. This mind was consecrated to God.  The Gothic architecture Westminster Abbey where he preached was opened in 1090 AD. The Architects were Henry of Reyns, John of Gloucester, Christopher Wren, Henry Yevele, Nicholas Hawksmoor and Robert of Beverley and it is presently located west of the Palace of Westminster. It is at 20 Deans Yd, London SW1P 3PA, United Kingdom. It has a height of 225' (69 m) and functions as a Cathedral. Famous people like Isaac Newton, Edward the Confessor, Charles Dickens, were buried there.

Poem on Martyn Lloyd Jones

Martyn Louyd preached the word Of Christ with fire and power. Students came to hear the word And royalty knew God if the ultimate king and Sovereign of mankind. People were saved and God glorified and Martyn remained humble. God could shine through a broken pot like Gideon’s mighty 300. Praise God for what he did through one little man on an island. Praise God for the word and praise God for the cross and may his sermons never lose their fire. The word of God is mighty like a two edged sword. The word of man is not reliable, but let God be true and every man a liar.  Many are the people who long for God to raise up men like David, Joshua, Elijah and Martyn Lloyd Jones who stood in the dark years of England and shone by Christ’s grace as a shining light and example of sincerity towards God’s word.