Preacher Otto Koning

Otto Koning is best known for his world famous sermon series on the “Pineapple Stories” in which he relates his life experiences as a missionary in Papua New Guinea. Otto was born in Holland to Dutch parents. He experienced some of world war two and later became a missionary. In Papua New Guinea he is said to have begun to see himself in God’s school. Every trial was a grade of God’s school in which he would either learn of a right God expected Him to yield or some weapon of our Christian warfare. He worked among cannibals and chronic thieves who stole his pineapples while they were still green. They did not even know banana’s turned yellow. These natives truly believed they were doing him a favour letting him live in their paradise. This ‘paradise’ was a place or disease, cannibalism, thieving, murder, and demonic oppression, but they thought he should be grateful.

Yielding the right to His pineapples

Otto tried to teach the natives about Jesus and the gospel. The natives later said they were impressed by what he said a Christian should be and longed to meet one day. IN other words he had a message lacking a life. One of the major obstacles in them seeing Jesus in him was simply that he responded with bitterness every time his pineapples where stolen. Otto went to USA on furlough with ailing health (he was on depression pills) and he felt depressed. He attended a seminar where he realised that what he held on to was keeping him from being Christ like just like the unbroken pitchers of Gideon ( symbol of pride) kept people for seeing the light ( possibly a symbol of Christ). He realised he had to yield the right to his pineapples to God and when he did the natives who stole them started getting diseases etc. They were now stealing God’s pineapples. It was through Otto’s changed life and a realisation that God can see in the dark (where most sins are done) that of the natives started to be saved.

Yielding More Rights

Otto started to realise that he had only passed grade one of God’s school by yielding his pineapples to God. As he faced new challenges he yielded the right to his own time, the right to his reputation and the right to his family. Each Crisis brought new blessing and changed life as God knows how to run His own property.

Weapons of our Warfare

Otto also learnt the power of praise in adverse circumstances, the power of direct prayer from Ephesians 6 and “The Pilgrim’s Progress” and the power of understanding the Christian’s authority in Christ. His church was considered 10 years ahead of other missionaries of the same organisation in spite of Otto not being good at language translation. Yielding rights had brought Christ to these natives in a real way through Otto’s own life. The cross was evident.

Third Party Stories by Otto Koning

Otto Koning is also known to have told stories on other people the most famous being one of a widow woman who gave her tenth away and prayed for businessmen on certain days. They were blessed on these days especially. The other famous one was of a young man who got some eggs for his birthday and they broke. He came from a poor family who could not afford more eggs and he prayed “God heal my eggs. It seems there was no need for an egg cart to break down in front of the house for the eggs were healed. Otto remarked “God probably put the right yoke in the right egg shell.” He is also known for a story in USA called the Hitchhiking story where he had run out of money and needed ministry opportunities. In desperation he decided to hitch hike to a conference of the Revival congress hosted by the Ralf and Lou Setera twins of Canada. He had amazing adventures on this ride worthy of a book.

Sermons by Otto Koning

Although Otto is mostly known for his pineapple stories many have been grately blessed by his normal topical sermons. His insight and knowledge of the Greek language as well as in context Bible knowledge and expounding stories have led many to a deeper understanding of the Principles and context of scripture. My own life and countless others have been radically changed through the amazing Christ centred presentations by this Godly man.

Books by Otto Koning

A friend of Otto’s wrote the Pineapple story in book form and it has spread across the world and changed many lives. It has now been upgraded to colour from black and white pictures and is still spreading like wild fire. You can order this by google search online.


Otto Koning has been happily married twice (his first wife died) and he has had children one of whom is a missionary to Japan.

Brother of Otto Koning

Otto’s brother is an on fire Christian who has an amazing ministry printing gospel banners and car stickers. He both sells and gives out of these for free based on the situation. He is very innovative and the stickers for cars are very clever and convicting. We can recommend you supporting the truth through this work.

Health and present ministry

Otto has at times suffered in his health but since remarriage ( his first wife died) his health has returned in old age and he now preaches again although he is careful not to overload himself with his schedule and rather logically chooses bigger opportunities so as to do the most with what is left of his strength in his old age. In other words he would rather preach at a larger conference and speak clearly than ruin his health at several smaller ones all over the country. He however at a younger age was quiet willing to travel to small churches all over when his body allowed it. Our humble opinion is that the world is a far better place because of a man who became less that Christ might be more through Him. Please pray for Otto, His ministry and the tapes, books, CD’s, Video’s, DVD’s still spreading across the world in many languages that God would continue to lift up the name of Jesus through His life and ministry. Amen