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Peter Masters has been the minister of the metropolitan tabernacle since 1970. This is the same church that was founded by William Rider in 1650 and pastored by Charles Spurgeon in later years. Peter edits the 'Sword & Trowel' initiated by Spurgeon in 1865. Peter initiated the studies for aspiring pastors in the church’s seminary. Books Peter has authored more than twenty five books which have been translated into many languages. He loves to preach the gospel and counts it a shame when people ministers do not regularly call people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. His Evening message on Sunday’s is often a gospel message. He calls for ministers to remain separate from churches that have removed their doctrine from the basic truths of scripture. He is to be commended for his stand in an age of Apostasy. He believes in the importance of regeneration, justification by faith without works, and the Bible as the all sufficient word of God. He is similar to Martyn Lloyd-Jones in his stand against non-Evangelical churches. Praise God for a man standing in dark England for Jesus Christ. He has stood up against false doctrine and fleshly experiences in the church and especially the Charismatic movement which is known for its extra Biblical experiences. His basic ideal is that to be God centred we have to be centred in and on who God is. To be God centred is to be Bible centred as the one true God of scriptures honours his word above all things.

Peter Masters Believes the Bible is literal

Peter Masters opposes Darwism and believes in a literal interpretation of Genesis. He was a co- founder of the Newton Scientific Association which is young earth creation based. He is very much similar to other stalwarts such as W Vernon Higham and resonates with the uncompromising humble Bible based preaching of the Christ Centred Charles Spurgeon. His church was bombed in the war years and the attendance dropped dramatically, but God through sound preaching and merciful working has filled the pews. The church is not only as full as it possibly was in Spurgeon’s day but also has a wide spread internet ministry that includes live broadcast of his sermons. We encourage you to go to the metropolitan site to listen live to these excellent messages twice every Sunday. The messages are translated live into other languages as people listen which is amazing technology in God’s sovereign hands. Peter Masters has stood up against fleshly music and entertainment in the church and believes in a respectful atmosphere when approaching the Holy word of God. As mentioned before he has written many books and these books have spread in many countries. Some would say the major influences in his life have been Charles Spurgeon, Martin Lloyd Jones and the reformed movement. I personally appreciate his messages as they always seem to be clear, hold one’s attention and bring conviction through the simple word of God. Although they are interesting they are not entertainment and they are very clearly Biblically founded. Peter Masters has a gift from God which he seems to take as a responsibility and not a privilege. He does not seem to be proud or falsely humble but rather reaches out to sinful man with a clear God centred message on Jesus Christ.

Please pray for the ministry of Peter Masters as he continues to preach faithfully in the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Pray that he would stay true to God’s word when so many ministers are throwing away conviction and principle in the face of crowd pressure. Pray that God would work through his messages on the internet and while he preaches. Pray that revival would come in and through his church and that the gainsayers would know they have to do with a mighty God. Pray that his books would be used in the various countries in which he preaches and pray that God would supply all his needs. Also thank God for his ministry. Please tell people about his ministry and when people will be visiting England encourage them to visit this church to experience God’s word in the way some might have felt Spurgeon preached. Tell others of his books and spread the sermons available online. Facebook share this page and also go to the sites with his sermons on it like the metropolitan tabernacle site and the conservative prayer club site and sermon audio and Facebook share these links. Take a stand for the God who died for you. May God bless you through his ministry and like John the Baptist may Peter become less and Jesus more in your life through his ministry. Do you have one deep supreme desire that you may be like Jesus. Jesus was not just a name, but a person. A person with specific attributes and a revealed will for our lives. This will is revealed in scripture and His person is clear cut and defined. It is two great to perfectly understand, but too expounded for us to be excused in following any other. The word of God is central and that is why we strongly recommend Spurgeon’s church for you to attend and support if you are in London as a visitor or permanent residence. Take time for God who took time to die for you.

Peter Masters is Bible Centred

The primary problem with mankind is that it is centred on personal happiness and experiences instead of having an honest God centred love for the truth. Emotionally blessing should be secondary to the infallible word of almighty God. Consider the Jesus of the Bible and stay true to Him. God never changes. God is always the same. God in Jesus Christ does not change as culture changes. In the end it is important to remember that Peter Masters is but a man and that we should follow Christ in Him the hope of Glory and not everything he ever does. However it is so rare to find a man who is true to the word of God and for this we thank God for what we see in the life and ministry of this humble Englishman. Pray for him, listen to him and be open for God to speak through His own precious word. May God speak to you and many others through the ministry of the metropolitan tabernacle which although we are in another continent and land we highly recommend to all seeking a home that resonates Christ.