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In his new book, ‘Forgiveness,’ Brother Roy Daniel very effectively illustrates biblical teaching on the subject of forgiveness by sharing his own personal life experiences. It’s my prayer that God will use this small volume to help believers everywhere, as Brother Daniel states: ‘…to obey God and go one step further than choosing to forgive….choose to “bless our enemies.”’

Dr Wesley L. Duewel, President Emeritus One Mission Society


Roy Daniel was born in Durban South Africa on the 02 of November 1982. He is the son of Keith and Jennifer Daniel (Missionaries to South Africa) who are missionary Evangelists in South Africa. His family / ministry website is He lives in Natal South Africa as a full time Missionary / Evangelist. His sermons have touched various people in the areas of salvation, encouragement, soul winning, teaching and discernment. He is the author of various books, tracts and the founder of various Christian websites.

Life Background

Roy went to school at Grey PE in Port Elisabeth as well as SACS in Cape Town. He also attended Glenvar Bible College and has since been a full time Missionary / Evangelist since approximately 2002. He married Jerusala Daniel on 09 October 2010 in the US of A. He lives in Natal South Africa.


Although he grew up in one of the most wonderful of Christian homes he found out at Bible College that he was not saved and in simplicity he found God through faith in Jesus Christ. He has been quoted as saying that the difference between life and religion is one word “Jesus Christ”.


His father Keith Daniel preaches the gospel and sermons on practical Christianity in various countries. Roy also has preached in various countries in North America, Europe, Africa and India. He spends most of his time ministering in South Africa, especially Natal where there are +- 700 000 Hindus as well as millions of animists (i.e. forefather worshippers) and many traditional Christians (i.e. those who believe good works or being born in a Christian home get you to Heaven) There are also thousands in many strange cults and sects. He preaches in schools, churches, prisons, mission stations. He does street work, puppet shows, radio sermons and addresses small Bible studies.  He also travels to preach at various conventions and churches in many countries.  For more info on Roy preaching at your church contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sermon Topics

Roy is known for well researched sermons (backed by prayer) on many topics. He preaches sermons on Salvation and Spiritual growth. He explains why many lack assurance of salvation. He explains how to be set free from the struggle between faith and feelings. He has an excellent series on Soul Winning. His series on Spiritual Warfare and growth has helped many people. He explains the practical way in which we can be Christ centered and practically how to avoid both legalism and liberality. He has a wide range of Bible topics that he effectively teaches on. Many have testified to being saved under his ministry. Many others have been set free from legalism in its many forms and others have been encouraged or inspired to soul winning. The range of topics is very long and the above is not an exhaustive list. He also likes to preach exegetically on various portions of scripture. Please pray for his ministry and visit his ministry website at You can also support the work he does from this site.


God mercifully allowed Roy Daniel to co-found various websites such as and . These sites have over 15000 free Christian Media files in various languages including sermons from various denominations and ministries by preachers who preach Christ (as well as God’s word in context). Many have testified to being saved or touched through the sermons, tracts, books, songs and various literatures on these sites. He also founded a witness site called which has a very unique and highly effective witness, council and follow-up system. He also provides material to live radio stations via the internet and uses equipment he travels with to take high quality recordings of Testimonies and sermons.


Roy has written and is writing various books published by Conjurske Publications in WI USA. He has written or is busy with books on Assurance of Salvation, Forgiveness, The man who smoked his Bible, Soul Winning, Encouragement, In Defense of the God of the Bible and Spiritual warfare. Please pray for these books that God will use them to His glory.


Roy is involved in the creation of various easy to self-print comic tracts found on such as “The big fat ugly finger”, “The Choo Choo train in Hell” and “Spit in a dead child’s face”. If you are an artist who could help with further tracts (i.e. volunteer artist with no charge) contact him. These tracts have been spread in the thousands with the potential for much more.


Roy and his dear wife Jerusala Daniel write songs with sheet music for free use by churches and Christians. The most well known one is called “precious hands” which has touched many people’s hearts.

Pray for Roy Daniel

Please pray for Roy Daniel and his wife and children as they travel to minister in many places. Pray for more doors to open, for God to anoint him freshly and continuously, for humility and grace in his heart and for God to give him messages. Pray for his travel costs and costs of living so that he can stay in and be effective in ministry. Pray for the books, tracts, websites and songs he is involved with as well as his radio ministry. Get a prayer card to print for your church prayer group or church at his family website mentioned under sermon topics above.

Phone Roy Daniel to encourage him, tell him you are praying for him or ask how you can support him, the projects and his work for God through Christ.  011823020892


Roy Daniel at this stage has two precious children. They are a boy and girl called Glen Elias Daniel and Ruth Susanna Daniel (after Glen Buys – missionary to South America… and Ruth Susana friend in USA) . Glen was born April 7 2012. Ruth was born March 02 2014.

The Books and People that affected his ministry.

Roy likes to read books from the great men of God from past centuries regardless of denomination as long as they believe in the core fundamentals of scripture. He is also well read on books by false prophets and error in the church. He loves to read salvation sermons such as all of grace by Charles Spurgeon and the way to God by D L Moody as he believes that the same grace that saved us is the grace that keeps and changes Christians in Christ day by day. He believes grace is not an umbrella under which we are allowed to sin, but the Power of God that Changes us and frees us from the effects of sin. He believes God works in us to good works, but that to be saved and after salvation only grace and not any amount of works can change the heart. Our relationship with God is a hearts relationship. Roy Daniel loves the ministry of his dad, although he recognizes that no one (not even your dad) should be a God to you that cannot make mistakes. He appreciates many men of God from our day such as Leonard Ravenhill, A W Tozer and Otto Koning. He tries to eat the meat and spit out the bones, but loves the teachings of those who preach truth without fear.

Keith and Jennifer Daniel

Many have been touched by God through the humble ministry of Keith and Jennifer Daniel i.e. Roy’s parents. Their official website is The focus of Keith’s ministry is the word of God. He often quotes entire Bible books before expounding on their content. He is in a humble man of the word. Jenifer shares at various ladies conventions in South Africa and USA and her poetry and other books have led to many seeking God in a very real and life changing way.